Five (5) star Luxury & Boutique hotels in India - The Park Hotels, India


  • Sand, Sea and Blue Skies
  • Earthy Styling
  • 5 Star Facilities

Five star hotel in Visakhapatnam

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, this luxury five star hotel in Vizag sprawls over 6 acres of a spectacular private beachfront. Sandy beaches complete with a lighthouse underline the romance of the sea with breathtaking sunrises and lovely tropical gardens adorning The Park Vizag.

This urban beach resort offers you a dialogue with the Bay of Bengal as the waves splash onto the sandy beach. Our sea-facing five-star accommodation in Visakhapatnam allow for a breathtaking view as the breeze drifts over the waters of the bay. Take a stroll through our beautifully poised gardens with tiled pavilions and a giant chessboard or enjoy the sunset as it sinks into the horizon. The Park, Vizag gives you an environment that encourages exploration and inner freedom and makes it one of the best leisure five star hotels in Vizag. This is a place of purity where the red soil connects with the golden sand, blending with the blue sea into the clear sky.

The design of this luxury boutique hotel has been influenced greatly by local art and crafts. The craftsmen have used their skills to create the precise detailing that is unique amongst boutique hotels. The Buddhist influence on this region of India has been a great influence to the features and to the tranquil atmosphere that lends an aura of serenity to The Park, Vizag.

Dining experiences in Bamboo Bay or Vista are enhanced by the orange sunsets in a tropical setting while candlelit tables give a dancing glow to the night -promises of an enchanting getaway linger at this five star accommodation in Visakhapatnam.